Randy, A Guinea Pig, Was Losing Weight. When The Staff Found Out The Reason, They Were Stunned!

Randy, a guinea pig at Hatton Adventure World, Warwick, is all set to become a dad to 400 in the coming weeks.

The adventure park which already has 300 guinea pigs and is full to capacity is gearing up for the upcoming population boom. The staff at the park was perplexed to see a 100 pregnant guinea pigs in their enclosures.

An investigation ensued. It did not take long for the authorities to find out that Randy, the rodent who seemed to be weaker than before, had somehow managed to sneak in to the female enclosure.

The raunchy rat seemingly had a blast during his time out- having impregnated 100 females in the neighboring enclosure.

randy guinea pig set to become father to 400 after sneaking into female enclosure.1

Randy, the guinea pig, after ‘losing weight’. Pic: SWNS

“We suspect a child may have placed him back in the wrong pen by accident after stroking him or Randy may have somehow broken out of his enclosure to get to the females.”

“We believe that the newly-named Randy could have impregnated up to 100 female guinea pigs, which have litters of about four, so if you do the maths we could be expecting quite a baby boom.

randy guinea pig set to become father to 400 after sneaking into female enclosure.2

Randy in the female enclosure- the Casanova at large. Pic: SWNS

The sexual escapades of the now famous guinea pig has the staff worried though, since they were not ready to receive 400 new inmates all at once. They are now getting ready to receive Randy’s huge brood by building an extension to the existing guinea pig farm.

“We don’t know how long Randy was in the female enclosure but it could have been several weeks which would have given him time to go round the entire female population.

randy guinea pig set to become father to 400 after sneaking into female enclosure.3

One of the pregnant guinea pigs. Pic: SWNS

“Staff did comment he looked a little thinner than before. He has now re-joined his male friends, clearly he’s got a lot of bragging to do.”

Having been deprived of all the ‘fun’ in his male only enclosure, Randy obviously went ahead and made the most of the rat’s day out.

Not sure if this feat has earned him any more respect back in his pen.


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