Move Over Grumpy Cat! Meet Garfi, the Angriest Looking Cat on the Internet

If you thought that Grumpy Cat was the most moody looking feline on the internet, let us introduce you to Garfi.

The cat with a perpetual frown and an icy cold stare could actually scare the hell outta anyone looking for cuteness in cats! Garfi looks so outright vicious that even Grumpy Cat looks like innocent and civil in comparison.

The 20 photographs shared below have been taken by the Persian cat’s human slave, Hulya Ozkok. He regularly shares menacing pictures of this permanently angry cat over the internet, and that has made him quite a sensation- all thanks to him sinister expression.

Whether you dress Garfi up in a Santa costume, give him a ball to play, a book to read or a turkey for a Thanksgiving feast, this furious and vicious looking cat is not amused. And refuses to oblige her devoted fans by giving them a smile of approval.