Have You Ever Come Home To Total Dog Destruction Like This!??

Have you ever walked in through the front door to total house destruction? Has your dog ever gone crazy and ripped the sofa to bits? Found his way into the store cupboard? Or maybe even worse…

The thing is as soon as you walk back in its like nothing happened. Quite often they will stop the barking and chaos and go into sort of a ‘guilty-look-what-I-did-Mommy’ mode.

naughty dachshunds j

It really is like a Jackal and Hyde situation. One minute they are the world’s best behaved pup, the next they are the dog from hell!

We do not really agree with owners leaving their dog at home or in the yard all day while we have to work. But it’s the 21st century and people need to work.

dog destroys home

surprised dog

But your dog does not see it this way.

Poor old pooch thinks that as they are the pack leader they have to protect you and keep a watchful eye on you.

And this is why they get stressed when you leave them. Some bark, some dig holes and some chew stuff to bits!

just as baffled as you

The best and REAL solution to this problem is that YOU have to become the leader of the pack – this way your dog will know its role and happily rest until you are both reunited at the end of the day!

store run

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