11 Greyhounds That Didn’t Want To Run Today! Is Yours One Of These….?

As we all know the Greyhound is traditionally bred for racing or game coursing. And when they get going they sure can go some. The average speed of a racing Greyhound is 64 kilometers per hour, as mammals go its only really the cheetah that would be able to top that over short distances…

Anyway, these Greyhounds are certainly NOT having a track day today. This is the other side of the Greyhound – certainly pet owners of this wonderful breed will be able to relate!


Pass them on…..

greyhound 3


greyhound 9

funny greyhound

greyhound 4

greyhound 5

greyhound 6

greyhound 7

greyhound 8

greyhound 1

greyhound 2