Man From Minnesota Builds The Ultimate Cat Fun House! This You Need To See…

When you take a look inside the home of Minnesota cat lover Greg Krueger you may hear the meows but not necessarily see them. That is because over the last 15 years Greg has been carving up and tunneling sections of his interior walls out for his 4 cats! Sadly, Greg was diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 49 and it was around this time that his obsession for making these walkways for his beloved cats started to make a little sense to him.

It really is amazing, the cats have loads of fun walkways and tunnels to explore. They have cosy paddled areas to go and sleep and new staircases created just for them.

Please check out Gregs cat wonderland and pass it on if your cat would love a roam around in here!

What do you think?

We think it is pretty awesome – and the cats look like they enjoy it too!

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