These 7 Awesome Aquariums Will Blow Your Mind! May Not Be What You Think!

These aquariums are probably the most amazing things you will see today¬†– you cannot argue of the sheer awesomeness and uniqueness of them. If you have fish and an aquarium of your own then you will know its not just a 5 minute hobby. Its takes a lot of time and dedication to get things “just right”.

Take a look at these wonderful creations and let us know what you think in the comments section!

aqua 1

The iMac tank – brilliant don’t you think? (Probably better used as an aquarium anyway!)

aqua 7

One for the Star Wars Fans!

aqua 6

The worlds smallest aquarium?

aqua 5

I just want this…

aqua 4

Awesome sink aquarium!

aqua 3

This would certainly brighten up the office!

aqua 2

The finale! The epic Mario tank!

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