Is This The Most Terrifying Dog On The Planet? 12 Tibetan Terriers Looking Seriously Scary! NOT

Ok so the Tibetan Terrier does have the name terrier but as all Tibetan Terrier owners will tell you… they have a real calm and friendly temperament and do not deserve the terrier title.

In fact we do not know really where they get the name from as we have never met a Tibetan Terrier that was not lovely, fluffy, calm and cuddly.

Scroll through these incredible cute images of the very ‘ferocious and scary’ yet seriously adorable Tibetan Terriers and then tell us if this bread of dog is the most terrifying dog on the planet!

tibetan terrier 1

‘Look at me… LOOK AT ME! Do I look like I don’t mean what I say… I am really scary… can’t you tell? ‘