The Stubborn Cat Which Refuses to Vacate This Adorable 10 Week Old Puppy’s Bed (Video)

The video posted here proves that cats and dogs sometimes just can’t be friends!

Look at the stubborn cat who refuses to get out of the ten week old Pixel’s bed. The tiny and cute French Bulldog puppy tries every possible trick he could to get the cat to move out. See:

The cat first refuses to acknowledge Pixel’s presence, as he gets into the warrior position.

After seeing that the mere threats haven’t perturbed the cat, Pixel begins tugging the bed. He puts in all his might. A few seconds later, he looks  rather disappointed as he learns that his best effort isn’t good enough. The cat, meanwhile, gives him an icy stare but refuses to budge.

She then assesses the situation carefully. Realizing that the little creature in front of her is tiny enough to be unable to make her vacate her cozy resting place against her will, she decides to give Pixel and all his antics the most classic ignore and settles down in her bed in an even more comfortable position. She seems to give out the message,“I’m NOT moving out, you fool! Do whatever you will..”

The poor dog is exasperated and probably exhausted after the epic battle which last a little more than a minute, but then reconciles himself to his fate.

Wishing the cuddly, poor Pixel better luck next time!