Meet The Manul Cat – The Most ‘Expressive’ Cat On The Planet! No. 8 Is SOOOO Adorable!

Cats are considered to be cutest pet for many reasons. Every individual is different from other member of same species- in terms of colour, physical appearance, facial expressions etc.

But do you know there is one breed of cat which is considered to be most expressive among all cat breeds?

The Pallas Cat, better known as Manul (Otocolobus Manul) cats are considered to be near –threatened species as listed by IUCN in 2002. They are natives to the steppe region of the Central Asia. If you are lucky enough and come across round pupils, short legs and flat face with wide ears- It is definitely a Manul for sure!

It is widely known for having loads of ‘attitude’ and master of ‘funniest expressions’.

Let me remind you it is a Wild Cat with oodles of cuteness which makes them really adorable… however, the grim aspect regarding their survival is that they stay at high altitude (more than 16,000 ft) which makes them really vulnerable when it comes to their mortality rate.

So let’s scroll down to see some funny photos, but yes word of caution- Don’t think of ever trying to capture them… as they are fiery, solitary and also unpredictable due to their high mortality rate!

Enough said, scroll through these photos an enjoy. Here we go!

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