This Is ‘The Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals’ – Feeding Animals In the Danger Zone.

While looking around Facebook feeling a little down I found this incredible inspiring and uplifting story which I just needed to share with fellow animal lovers.

During March 2011 Japan suffered a multiple catastrophy, a huge sea based earthquake created a deadly Tsunami which not only devastated a lot of Japan’s coastal towns killing several thousand people but it also knocked out a nuclear power station which lead to a severe radiation leak.

When the Fukushima nuclear power station exploded sending radiation into the air the Japanese authorities ordered a full evacuation of the area. The evacuated area had a radius of 20 km (12 miles).

fukushima man 2

All of the people were forced to leave leaving behind animals and livestock. Naoto Matsumura felt guilty about leaving his animals behind and decided to move back to take care of his own animals and many of the abandoned cattle and livestock that were left in nearby farms.

Naoto had lived all of his 55 years at his home and went back knowing that he was going to be exposed to 17 times more radiation than a person would get. Medical researchers have concluded that the amount of radiation he is getting would not make him sick for at least 30 – 40 years which to him is well worth the risk.

He feeds the animals using money that is donated to him by people who are grateful for his sacrifice and they have nicknamed him ‘The Guardian of Fukushima’s Animals’.

He is fully aware of the large a mounts of radiation that he is exposed to constantly and to avoid making the situation worse he only eats food which has been brought in to the ‘danger zone’.

The following 5 pages of incredible pictures show him living and working within that dangerous radiation exclusion zone taking care of a whole range of animals.

fukushima man 3

fukushima man 4

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