OMG! Look At The Size Of This Dachshund!

This is the tale of Vivian the Dachshund. She has just moved into the city and this is her tale, alongside her owner Mitch Boyer. The writer and director had the idea when he researched the volumes in which people move house in the USA. Especially children.

It is currently around 5.5 million kids between one and nine years old move to a new home and town each year.

These series of pictures show Mitch and Vivian and their own periods of relocation. It is the brains and idea behind Mitch’s new project called “Vivian The Dog Moves To Brooklyn” which is currently on kickstarter.

It is a children’s novel to help come to terms with moving house.

The idea behind the giant scaled up pictures of Vivian is to portray her in the same size as her rather huge personality.

We think they are great! Scroll though them below….

vivian the dachshund