The Most Adorable Guinea Pigs over the Internet: Booboo and His Friends

Also known as ‘cavies’, guinea pigs make the most adorable pets. These rodents from South America are actually difficult to resist- small, gentle, cute looking and, most of all, relatively easy to care for as pets when compared to bigger animals. They don’t throw tantrums like ‘em cats and don’t need to be taken out for a walk.

A photographer who goes as Lieveheerbeestje on DeviantArt decided to bring home some, and is breaking the internet by posting some absolutely awwwwie pictures of the delectable creatures.Booboo, the most delightful of the pack, looks like a supermodel and loves to pose for the owner. She weighs almost 1 kg and loves to dig her teeth into chicory and carrots. Besides that, she loves to eat and sleep, in between her photo shoots.

Others are happy to oblige too. And why not- with an owner who dresses them up in hipster glasses, puts ribbons in their hair, buys them pink bathing tubs and bunny ears, who wouldn’t want to? People are surprised at the perfect and crisp pictures she manages to get every time, something that wouldn’t be possible till the little rodents decide to sit still. She explains, “They just don’t move a lot in front of the camera, I guess I am lucky with that!”





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