Meet Ludwik. The Naked Guinea Pig Who Has More Fans Than Pop Stars On Instagram!

As you all know we always try to put a smile on our readers faces as and when we can here at BarmyPets and we are sure that this story will do just that! Its not everyday you come across a Polish naked guinea pig who has over 20,000 fans on Instagram is it?

His name is Ludwik and he is quite a show off.

Its quite simple really. Ludwik likes two things: food and sleep. Check out the pictures below from his very active Instagram account!

guinea pig 1

guinea pig 2

guinea pig 3

guinea pig 4

guinea pig 5

He lives at home with his owner Agata and two Yorkshire Terriers and his girlfriend Rachel. She also likes the camera but not as much as Ludwik. Unfortunately though he was not found in such a good way. The store where Agata had purchased him from had taken very bad care of him. He was sick with conjunctivitis and had a fungal infection which had not been treated.

Thankfully, with lots of love and some proper care he is now doing just fine.

This is Rachel. She does not want to steal his limelight with her own Instagram account and is quite happy with the quiet life.

guinea pig 6 partner

guinea pig 7

guinea pig 8

guinea pig 9

guinea pig 10

guinea pig 11

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Don’t forget to head over a visit Ludwik’s Instagram account for more!

Source: The Dodo