Meet Einstein The Disabled Goldfish Who Swims With His Own Life Jacket!

For most people if the family goldfish gets a little poorly its usually a trip to the fish graveyard, aka the toilet. Or maybe the bottom of the garden for the cats to dig up. We are joking of course, but one thing is unfortunately once these little fishes get ill they don’t usually make it.

But this chap is something special. Einstein suffered from swim bladder, which affected his buoyancy. He could not stay upright in the tank and his owner would often find the poor thing swimming upside down.

His owner, the incredible Leighton Naylor designed a special life jacket for him using recycled tubing. Here is what he had to say….

He’s always been a fighter so when he sunk to the bottom one day and couldn’t get back up again it was a very sorry sight. It broke my heart to see him so helpless. He looked so depressed.

I started looking at floating aids and saw one where an owner kept his koi carp afloat by attaching it to a wine bottle cork but that looked quite painful.

I wanted to build something that would allow Einstein to move his fins a little bit and be comfortable at the same time.

Check out the pictures and video below. Great stuff!

disabled fish

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