Is This The Most ADORABLE Thing You Will See This Week? Baby Koala Comforts Mother During Operation.

Here is a story from Australia Zoo which will melt the iciest of hearts especially these wonderful pictures taken by Ben Beaden.

Lizzy the Koala was rushed to Australia Zoo’s wildlife hospital when she was hit by a car. Her biggest comforter and supporter was there to keep an eye on her, that supporter was her very adorable 6 month old joey called Phantom.

koala baby 1

Phantom was taken to the Queensland hospital along with his mother after the accident even though he walked away relatively unhurt. Lizzy was less fortunate and needed surgery to treat her collapsed lung.

koala baby 2

Phantom showed that at crucial times family comes first and refused to move and stayed by his mothers side throughout the whole operation.

koala baby 3

Lizzy is currently recovering well at the hospital. Lizzy’s recovery is helped by a mix of antibiotics and cuddles from her little joey Phantom.

koala baby 4

The hospital reported that ‘Phantom is with Lizzy during her procedures and check ups to ensure neither mum nor bub get stressed out. Similarly, Phantom is in a ‘pouch’ during weighing to ensure he feels safe and protected while away from mum.’

koala baby 5

The mother and son combo are just two of the 58,000 native wildlife patients the hospital has treated.

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Pictures:  Ben Beaden Australia Zoo

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