Here Are The 10 Cutest Dog Breeds In The World! Did Your Pup Breed Make The List?

Before we begin, we here at BarmyPets think that all breeds of dog are super cute and super awesome. But some it has to be said may get us going “awwww” more than others. So, we have compiled a list based on your visitor counts, likes and mentions on other posts and also our own input from the office.

I wonder if your dog breed is on the list? Don’t shout at us if it isn’t – I am sure your fur kids are as adorable in their own special way.

So, without further a do here are the 10 cutest dog breeds in the world.

In no particular order.

Well, unless you think we have ordered them this way for a reason….. 😉

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#10 – The Dalmation

Outgoing, Playful, Energetic, Friendly, Active, Intelligent, Sensitive

And super cute, look at this guy with a heart on his nose!

10 Dalmation

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And we know they are super friendly too. Check out this video where this Dalmation willingly adopts these foster kittens as her own. Wonderful and caring breed.