Great Story Of The Dog Who Lost His Legs After Being Frozen Gets New Prosthetic Ones!

This is Hector. He is a two year old pup who unfortunately lost his hind legs very early on in his life. His mother was a stray and she had to give birth to him in the freezing cold. This meant that poor Hector’s feet and tail were frozen and stuck to the ground. Thankfully a good soul took him in, but through many months of his adoption Hector spent virtually all of his time indoors.

But his newly adoptive Mom wanted better things for him, a better life. A dogs life.

So she set up a campaign and started to raise the funds to have two prosthetic legs made for him. People as a rule generally are kind. And this group of people are no different – the money was raised and Hector had delivered his new legs and was soon to be able to get outside and behave a play like any other dog.

This is a truly heart-warming story and we wish Hector and his family all the very best.

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If you wish to track the progress of Hector and see him out and about then you can do so by heading over to his Facebook page.