The Glover Elementary School Duck Walk Is Just Too Adorable & Too Special To Not Share With People

This is just too adorable and special that it would be wrong not to share with you. This is a video taken by Bill Driscole JR which was featured on the Fox25 News from Boston USA showing mother duck and her ducklings walking through the Glover Elementary school in Milton on their way to the ponds.

This happens every spring as the ducks nest in the interior court yard of the school and cannot make their way to the pond until the school doors are open.

As you can see in the video the whole school comes out to watch and more importantly help guide the ducklings to the pond which will be their new home.

Also look at the children’s faces and see how much pleasure they get out of participating in this wonderful but rare experience.

Please watch and enjoy the video and please share. (The video says Grover but it is Glover… come on Fox25! 🙂 )

Video of mama and baby ducks walking to river is adorable Fox25

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