8 Top Dog Training Tips For First Time Pet Parents

Here are 8 dog training tips which many first time pet parents will surely find useful:

  1. Make your dog comfortable

To begin with, try to listen to your dog and understand what he’s trying to convey. It is very important to make him comfortable. If you see your dog showing discomfort on meeting another dog, animal or person, respect his feelings. Don’t insist that he greet him. Forcing him to do might cause other problems at a later stage.

  1. Be consistent

While training the dog, make sure everyone in the family sets the same yardsticks for them. Dogs are, more often than not, bad at generalizing. Rather than shouting a “NO!” when he’s digging the soil in your carefully laid out flowerbed, tell him what exactly you want him to do. Tell him to “stop” instead or, perhaps, “sit” if he jumps up your friend when expected to greet.

  1. Have realistic expectations

Training dogs and getting them to behave the way you want is never easy. Changing behavior takes time. It is best to have realistic expectations when beginning to train the pet, to avoid disappointment later. digging, barking, jumping and many other activities which are normal for dogs might not go well with you and you might want to dissuade them from doing so. dont forget to take into account how long he has rehearsed the behavior and don’t be unduly harsh on him.

  1. Respect his choices

All my friends love pasta. I don’t. Why? I don’t know- I just don’t like it. Period. That doesn’t make me queer as a human being or an odd one out.

Similarly, your dog doesn’t HAVE to like a treat which, says the seller, is something ‘all dogs love’ or ‘the most loved dog food in the world’. Just like us, each dog has his own choices. Try to know what he likes and respect those choices.

Dog Training Tips for First Time Pet Parents

  1. Don’t ignore his good stuff

While most dog lovers are quick to show their disapproval of their dogs’ undesirable behavior, they prefer to remain tight lipped when their pet does something good or behaves well. How unfair! If you are vocal about his mistakes, why not pamper him with lots of love and attention to tell him he’s been a good boy? Be generous with your affection and compliments. And remember- there is no such thing as going over the top with dogs!

  1. Get him the right food

Insist on feeding him on high quality food which contains appropriate quantity if protein for him. Most manufacturers come up with different foods for different breeds of dogs, after taking into account their size, how big they will eventually get and their level of activity. Choose a high quality feed for your pet, even if it means shelling out a few extra nickels at this stage. You can save many times more the amount you spend on the appropriate feed for the dog in your vet bills.

  1. Bribes work, but reward him too

As any trainer would tell you, reinforcing positive behavior requires lots of treats. Such bribes do help the dog understand that his action was praiseworthy and liked. So, if you can use treats to get him to behave the way you’d want to, why not?

But then, you can’t be using food based treats all the time. You could also reinforce him with praise, pat on the head or back, hugs, taking him out for a walk, etc. let the dog know that he has to behave well to earn those treats. Let him be a good dog to earn those, rather than the treats producing good behavior of him.

  1. Let him earn freedom gradually

Many pet parents make the mistake of giving the dog too much freedom in their new home too soon. Let the dog earn this freedom instead. Following that approach can help avoid many destructive chewing and other accidents. Shut the doors to unoccupied rooms and section off parts of the him using baby gates if required.

It is best to have him tethered to yourself so that he can be supervised easily. Or put in a crate or a doggie safe area when you cant keep an eye on him. You can allow him to explore other areas of the home when you are confident that doing so wont cause you any trouble.

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