20 Seriously Adorable & Funny Rottweiler Pictures ALL Rotty Fans Will Love

The Rottweiler is a tremendously powerful dog which has a bad reputation for being a vicious and dangerous dog but true Rottweiler owners know this not to be true. Rottweilers are placid, good-natured and loyal dogs.

A study revealed that Rottweilers along with Pit Bulls do have the highest record of causing the most fatalities over two decades but Rottweilers aggression is mainly against strangers which is a sign of their loyalty to their owners and territorial instincts.

Other issues with Rottweilers being aggressive do not lie with the dogs themselves but owners who are awful and have no idea how to own and a look after a dog properly.

But we know that Barmy Pet users are great animal lovers and responsible owners so these 20 incredible pictures which show Rottweilers in the true form of being incredibly adorable, loyal cute and funny are dedicated to you.

Enjoy and please share. 🙂

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