These 19 Easy DIY Dog Crafts Will Give You And Your Pet Joy For Hours (Days, Years Even…..)

11. Paint Your Own Pooch

how to paint your dog

An excellent tutorial on how to create your first painting of your lovely fur pup! Full guide here.

12. No Sew DIY Dog Bed

dog pillow DIY no sew

A nice and simple pillow bed for your dog. The step by step instructions for this are here.

13. Pipe Cleaner Dogs!

DIY craft pipe cleaner dogs

Totally awesome and so simple to do! These great little pipe cleaners dogs would look great on any office desk or shelf! Here is how you can make them!

14. Make Your Own Doggie Bone Treats

do it yourself dog treats

Every dog loves a treat. But one that is made with love from Momma will really hit the spot! Instructions and recipes here!

15. Wine Dog Cork Toppers!

DIY wine toppers

How amazing are these!? We love them. They are also really easy to do. Check them out here.

16. Wool Dog Pictures

dog pictures easy DIY

These will warm your home up. Nice and cosy pictures.

17. Dog DIY Easy Pillow

easy dog bed

Time for another simple to do pillow that Fido will LOVE! Check it out here.

18. Make Your Own Dog Sock Toy

crafts for dogs that are easy to make

This simple sock toy will have your pup entertained for days on end. Full instructional video here.

19. The Suitcase Dog Bed

easy DIY dog crafts

This looks so great! If you have any unwanted suitcases lying around then you could try this! Here is the guide on how to! 

If this is your type of thing then you may want to visit our shop where we have a whole category on pet crafts to get yourself stuck into!

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