These 19 Easy DIY Dog Crafts Will Give You And Your Pet Joy For Hours (Days, Years Even…..)

dog crafts

Are you a creative crafty type? If you are then great! These easy DIY dog crafts are a really excellent way to take your hobby and mix it with your lovable family pet! All these are fantastic little projects!

We would love to see any of your attempts!

Have you ever had a go at anything like these with any success?

1. Reclaimed Wood Dog Silhouette

wood silloette

This wooden dog piece of art would look great in and around any home or garden. For full instructions check out this guide here

2. Easy DIY Dog Crafts Collars

diy dog collar

With this little Dog Collar kit you can make your own. Why not make a few for friends and family! You can buy the Dog Collar kit here from Amazon.

3. Dog Beach House

dog beach house

How great is this? Would your pup love his/her own little beach house? Full instructions and detail can be found here

4. Dog Book Ends

Dog Book Ends

These are really awesome and would look great on any shelf or bookcase. You can find the step by step on how to make them here.

5. Dog Coasters (Great For Gifts!)

Dog coasters

These would make a great gift for other dog owners. So simple. Here is how they are made – check it out.

6. Splendid Pup Pillow Covers

dog custom pillow

Really simple and stylish pillow covers here from Positively Splendid.

7. Embroidery Dog Pillow

Easy DIY Dog Embroidery Pillow

More great pillow crafting – this time from Leigh Laurel Studios. Check out the instructions here!

8. Easy Dog Jackets (Not Just For Pugs!)

DIY easy dog jacket

Does your little pup like to wrap up warm in a nice cosy jacket when its cold outside? Well, why not make them one. This handy guide will show you how!

9. Dog Knit Toy

dog knit toy - make it yourself

All dogs love their toys. But I bet they would love a hand made one from their Mom even more! Check out this simple how-to on this great and safe toy!

(If you don’t want to make them one, we have a whole host of great pet toys over at the shop)

10. Dog Knitted Mug Cover

dog mug how to guide

Ok so this one is more for Mom and Dad and not the dog! Lol. but, they look great and will keep your cuppa warm for longer. Check it out here.

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